Thursday, June 08, 2006

sadistic dreams

yes... more dreams. i hear you yelling "BOOOOOORRRIIIINNNGGGG!!"

well yell all you like. i can't hear you. have fun.

sadistic dream #1

sometime last week i dreamt jin eu did something to me - something really bad, but i don't know what. and i was commanding jin min to set jin eu on fire. i wanted it to be really painful.

"i don't mean just having the flames lick his skin. i want it to BURN his flesh," i said.

i then proceeded to use a knife to slice off part of my chin, down to the neck and part of my shoulder.

"THIS is how painful it is, and i want him to feel it!" i stuck the knife into my thigh and dragged it through the skin up to my thigh, creating a huge bleeding gash exposing raw flesh and bone.

talk about psycho, right?

somehow my chin, neck and shoulder recovered. it was just this loose skin dangling. i woke up feeling a really weird numb sensation in that area.

sadistic dream #2

i was some middle aged blonde woman and my husband was a middle aged white guy with a stubbly beard in work shirt and pants. we had just arrived from sea travel and we were collecting our baggage.

unbeknownst to my husband, i had bought this HUGEASS parcel of weed and he saw it when we collected our baggage. he was really pissed, for some reason, and took out a gun and started shooting at me. we were in the water and i was trying to half wade, half swim while dodging left and right.

then i saw a block of knives and grabbed one. somehow, i managed to get close enough to my husband and stabbed him. i could FEEL the blade going into the flesh and the friction as i drew the knife out. i kept stabbing and stabbing. and i could feel it each time. i felt sick after that.

i woke up with a bad taste in my mouth.

i'd love to spill all this out to a psychologist and go, "soooo.... what's it all mean?"

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Anonymous said...

welcome to my world.. it's called "Adventures While You Sleep".. all those ppl who tink i'm a lazy pig for sleeping til 11, screw u cos i wasnt really sleeping. i was trying to escape from bugs & squashing their juices out in vain cos as soon as i kill one, another has just laid about 3 dozen eggs which immediately turn into larvae and morph into bugs like a fast forward lifecycle - they're all big and ugly and have horrible pincers & i can hear the sickly sound of their exoskeleton being crushed as i smashed them into bits. that was just one of the dreams that night.

and you wonder why i am so grumpy in the mornings.