Thursday, June 08, 2006

short and sweet

i'm talking about me... not the post. *chortle*

so much to say. too much work to do. not enough time.

kill me.


or my tutors.

by today i need to finish:

an a3 montage
design philosophy
folio cover
visual diary

i've been having really bizarre dreams but that's nothing new. i had 3 full-on dreams last night causing me to wake up feeling like i never slept at all.

1st dream:
i had to do some stunt for the magazine - shit in public. so i was taking a massive crap in front of two shops and people were staring at me in disgust. and it STANK so bad!! i could just feel the reek burning my nostrils. and i looked down to see this HUUUUGEEE pile of shit under me. i remember thinking... how did i manage to shit all that out?

i woke up panicking - wondering if i somehow managed to shit myself in my sleep. and no... i didn't.

2nd dream:
jet was juggernaut (from x-men) and there was some other huge guy. i was trying to take him on, punching and wrestling. then jet would demonstrate some kickass jiujitsu come wrestling moves. he used his legs to grab the guy's ankles and flipped him over. this whole fighting thing seemed to go on forever... the guy just wouldn't get the idea and leave us alone.

3rd dream:
i liked this dream. i had a daughter and i was out somewhere. meanwhile, sam newman had sneaked into my house and asked her to marry him. she was like 10 or something. he was really menacing and obviously my daughter was scared. i came back home and i heard shouting so i sneaked around the house, which was HUGE, and i kicked open doors til i found the right room.

i threw a knife and pinned his hand to the wall and demanded what was happening, kill bill style. sam newman feebly lied and said my daughter asked him to marry her. i was like, wtf... that's absurd. and somehow i had this feeling we were old friends and i looked at him and asked again, wat happened?

then there was this whole flashback of sam newman on a boat being attacked by a group of guys. there was this huge water chase and somehow he managed to kill them all. and i was looking down into the water and i could see our dead family underwater, like a film. they were just memories playing underwater.

i asked sam newman if he could see anything, and he described something completely different.

the end.

i woke up exhausted.

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