Sunday, June 18, 2006

vow of abstinence

i just got an email from my doctor regarding my hep B. yes i'm a walking disease. shut up.

Hi Alysia,

It's not something to get too worried about. I've just received your liver function tests. Your ALT is approximately 400, which is reasonably elevated. It suggests a good immune response against the virus at the present moment - hopefully this will lead to immune control of your infection. With an ALT at this level you may experience some symptoms - fatigue, a little nausea and perhaps some abdominal discomfort. You shouldn't have any alcohol until it falls, and any doctor prescribing medication should be aware of the ALT when making decisions about antibiotics etc, if needed. You should have the blood test repeated in a couple of weeks, sooner if you are experiencing symptoms. If it's not for a month or so maybe you could have a blood test done before you return.

This is not something to panic about, we just need to keep an eye on it.

When do you return to Australia?

Let me know if you have any questions,


**** ********

no alcohol? i admit i'm nowhere near the alcoholic like ally or bambi. but heck... NO alcohol? at all? i've been looking forward to having lychee martinis!!

i don't like being deprived of something... regardless of how unimportant it is to me. it's like dangling the forbidden fruit.

the email just explained a lot about my energy levels. i have an excuse now!! bwahahaha. it's not just laziness... well not entirely anyway. heh.

*sigh* no alcohol?? i still can't get over it. what am i supposed to do in clubs and bars now? drink coke? NOOOOO ALCOOOHOOOLLLLL. not even a harmless vodka red bull. >_<


Candidette said...

are you eck-kusing me of being an alcoholick? heheh i hardly rate up against ally!!

Anonymous said...

some more went for drinks on friday night... *hor hor hor hor hor* (to the umm, made-up singsong tune of kids shaming someone who did something naughty o_O)


lisha said...

cupcake: HAH. says you while polishing off your bottle of wine/gin/aperitifs at home.

xy: i didn't know then maaaarrrr. should've drunk more dammit. hahaha.