Friday, June 16, 2006

malaysia says hi

i've got a HUGEASS pimple on my chin. it's an absolute beauty. i think it's malaysia's way of saying:

here's a nice pus-filled zit for you

damn polluted air. bah.

today we had family lunch at seri melaka. oh glorious nonya food. sambal petai, assam fish, sambal kangkung, pandan chicken, etc etc... mmmmmmm. wonder what's for dinner?

i've been really pigging out since i arrived. i've been averaging three bowls of rice per meal. three bowls. boon teik, my cousin, looked at me in disgust.

"how do you do it? it's not faiiirrr."

umm. genetics. heh. just wait. it's gonna come back to me when i'm older and i'll explode into a great big walking piece of lard. watch out everybody.


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