Sunday, July 30, 2006

and the weekend's over...

my thighs are SOOOOOO SORE from friday night's skanking at lavish. it feels like i've been snowboarding. goes to show... i need to build up my skanking stamina... with MORE skanking!! *grin*

the weekend's zoomed by so quickly, i feel robbed of time. the more time passes, the more pressure i feel with everyone questioning me, "so how's your job hunting going?"

-_- it's not. okay? not yet.

i don't get everyone's excitement over graduation. i really don't. it's the moment i've dreaded over the last... 8 or 9 yrs of my life.

anyway, enough about that. more bout the weekend.

i spent most of yesterday vegetating and recuperating from too much skanking and not enough sleep. damn jager bombs. i felt like i was recovering from a rave. i was completely exhausted but my brain wouldn't shut the fuck up.

went for dinner with my step-god siblings - kristy and ben - together with denise, olivia and ben's friend at this place called SOS in melbourne central. the interior concept made quite an impression on us. mostly because of the black slated wall that served as an automatic sliding door. that was tricky.

the food was good but at $35 for a main course, i would at least expect to be semi-full. service was great. portions were small. feeling unsatisfied, denise brought us to brunswick st for churros dipped in chocolate sauce.


den, that was superb!! the place was so packed that kristy, olivia and i waited in the car while ben and denise ordered some to takeaway and we happily munched away on the side of the road... because tai ka che denise wouldn't let us eat in her black beast.

after that, we headed down to la la land but it was too packed so we went to golden monkey instead - where ally and bryan had their engagement party. and bryan made his oh-so-famous declaration of love speech.


i think we spent a good 3-4 hours sitting at golden monkey. alice, jacqui, bryan and ally joined us a little later whilst ben, kristy and her posse left. and you know what? i came home with a stunning realisation.


because golden monkey is a non-smoking bar. you have NO idea how bloody good it feels. ah, if only it were that way all the time.

today was spent grocery shopping. we have sooo much food i can't help but smile just thinking about it. jet's cooking up a storm tonight... i'm so hungry my mouth is watering. i feel like jm's dog - chloe - as she watches you eat KFC.... drool hanging precariously off the side of her mouth stretching to the ground.

mmm... lamb. grilled veg. black forest cake. thanks jet!!


Candidette said...

i have a photo of chloe drooling. shall i do some photoshopping? hehehe

lisha said...

-_- no it's ok. i like to leave people thinking i'm all dainty and feminine. hahaha. *choke*