Saturday, July 29, 2006


TY, mili, jacqui and alice picked me up with TY dangerously behind the wheel. it just reminded me of when we were back in kl after mambo.

"can drive or not?"
"can!! no problem!!"
"you sure?"
"it's a mercedes!! don't worry... got airbags!!"

-_- die.

we arrived at lavish safely and hopped out of the car to be met with denise, olivia, sabrina and katie. suddenly, all we heard were alice and olivia screaming and squealing like mad women. turned out they both came out wearing the same top. and unfortunately, it wasn't like an inconspicuous white, black or grey top.

it was bright orange.

fortunately, i had layered two tank tops so alice dragged me to the toilets for an impromptu wardrobe change. drama solved.

the night started off with jager bombs. i'd never tried it before. it's just a shot of jagermeister which you dunk into a glass of red bull. two of those had me bouncing around like energiser bunny for the rest of the night.... along with several whiskies.

i was surprisingly sober... considering i haven't been drinking much in a long time. and i hadn't really eaten much for dinner. still... skanking was aplenty. and we all know... the skankier, the more fun!!

and to think... it took me about a year to start a conversation with this crazy bunch.


Torture a confession said...

Welcome to our world...=)

lisha said...

i had a great time last night!