Monday, July 17, 2006

apologies to the dilettante

michael is one of my most fantastic friends in the world. here's one reason why.

in my bout of homesickness, which i'm still recovering from, i smsed him in jest.

"oi! let's go to william's! i want to eat chicken chop and drink sirap bandung!"

i didn't hear back from him so i thought he was just being cheap/sombong/busy with theatre/kickboxing/dance classes. then a couple of days later i received an sms from him.

"eh i drove to your house the other day to send you to williams but you weren't there! playing with my feelings is it? hmph"

ooooooops. haha. don't you call people to confirm before picking them up first? ish. useless. =p but thank you for that babe! i hope you've had some chicken chop for me in the lovely cockroach infested atmosphere.

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