Monday, July 17, 2006


back to reality. it's like dunking my head into cold water. time to get back to some work. okay, so i don't have a REAL job yet. stop sniggering/spluttering/protesting/fuming.

it's back to the magazine.
back to "hi, this is alysia from roy morgan research."
back to people telling me to fuck off or hanging up.

back to thinking of what to cook.
back to cleaning.
back to unpacking.
back to organising my life.

aaaaaaaaaaargh. ally. i know you feel it too. I WANT TO GO BACK INTO HOLIDAY MODE!!!


a||y said...

of course! Why else do you think i've been home sick for the past 2 days?! Bugger... reminds me that i have to go to the doctor to get mc now...

lisha said...

only the past 2 days? i've been homesick since i got back!!

ugh... back to calling complete strangers again. urrrggghhhhh.

a||y said...

err babes... as in at home... sick.... homesick oso can lah i guess... hahaha