Friday, July 21, 2006


today was the first nice sunny day i've had in melbourne since i got back. warm rays of sunlight dancing on my face. it was a great feeling. even better... jet and i went to boba pearl to satisfy my craving for mee pok.

we're like boba pearl stalkers. i was thoroughly upset when i found out that they were closed last week. since then, every other day we've been checking to see whether it's open.

mee pok stalkers. that's us.

after lunch, i headed over to bambi's to catch up with her. i hadn't seen her since the day i left to go back to KL!! i hate you for always looking so good skanky b!! natural beauty. BAH! i hate you natural beauties. hehe.

moving on... feel free to just stop reading if you haven't already. this post is simply the ramblings of a person gripped with a sudden case of insomnia.

it was a very enlightening chat. thank you very much for that. life, relationships, job seeking and friendships. all in one!! oh... and not forgetting x-men. how could i forget. x-men fucking rocks my world and i know it rocks yours too.

i have a headache.

i think i'll just stop now.

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