Wednesday, July 19, 2006

written diarrhea

after muuuucccchhhh procrastination, i've finally finished my magazine work. not that it was a lot, mind you.

and now i've got this inane desire to go out and drink. but there's no one to go out with. and i can't drink. *sob* see... if i was in KL, i wouldn't have this problem. bah. i still miss home.

oh my god. you know what i'm hearing in the background? jet is watching his induction dvd and eating sunflower seeds. such a nerd. nerd nerd nerd. i want to be a nerd too. but i don't have the dedication.

my stomach's been PMS-ing all day. one moment i need to take a crap, the next it refuses to let me. finicky bitch. just like its owner. ugh... talk about anal retention.

meanwhile. MICM is being a bitch. but i shall save that rant for another day.

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