Tuesday, July 18, 2006

inspired by bambi

we are now deep in our survey whore phase. if you hadn't noticed. soooo... bambi has created her own little 10 things to which i have modified. because i reeeaaaally don't want to do any work.

5 things you wanted to do/have when you were in high school:

1. be accepted. i was always the newbie. innocent little private school brat stepping into ghetto gangster government school where everyone came from the same schools ie. alam shah, sri petaling, sri damai, etc. then i was the only asian kid stepping into a small community school on an isolated island (which isn't even on the map) where everyone had grown up together, from stealing each other's pacifiers to stealing each other's boyfriends.

2. BOOBS!! and i haven't grown out of it yet. i STILL want boobs. still ever hopeful that one day i will suddenly find myself with more than just a handful.

3. to be at least 5 ft 6". yeaaahhh... that never happened either. oh well, at least i don't have problems with guys being shorter than me. unless they're viet. HAHAHAHA. okay, i'm going to get chopped up for saying that.

4. be a writer/artist/designer. jack of all trades, queen of none.

5. be a wiccan and practice witchcraft. great minds think alike bambi! except i didn't cast curses. i bought monthly issues of witchcraft magazines, a pack of tarot cards (which i still have), cast white light and all sorts of other ala-kazam she-bang and had spiritual meetings with my accursed companion, kristy. ahhh... days of naivety.

5 things you used to say in high school: (this is really testing my memory)

damn cun! (really hot, fantastic, great, etc)
2. cool!
3. what a wanker!
4. i need to puke.
5. i want to die.

5 things you did in high school:

1. play truant. we would chill at leonard's house across the road or at johan's around the corner. otherwise, we'd go hang out at malls. ah those were fun days.

2. spent hours on the phone everyday. honestly, i don't know how on earth i spent three hours on the phone to ONE person. what did we have so much to talk about?? no wonder my dad locked the phone in his bedroom.

3. drank excessively every weekend. on kangaroo island, there's not much for a bunch of hormone-crazed teenagers to do. so if you're wondering why i can't stomach all sorts of alcohol now, this is why. no more JD, moonshine, champagne, cheap wine, cowboy cocksuckers, beer, etc.

4. underaged clubbing. i started at the tender age of 15. now i realise how ridiculously obvious it was that we were not old enough to be clubbing. i can just imagine the snickers and evil glares we were oblivious to.

5. scandalous affairs. what would teenage life be without scandals?

5 things you liked about high school:

1. boys. hell.. i had my first crush when i was like five. boys made high school much more interesting.

2. crazy friends. you know those loud, ANNOYING school kids you see? yeah... we were like that once. i'm sure you were too!

3. english. i loved english classes. most of my friends thought mrs brooksby was a sex crazed/deprived old woman, but i thought she was cool and she was one of the best teachers i had.

4. mr johnston. our physics teacher. he admitted to us all that physicists are all mad. MAD. i didn't learn much in physics but i spent half the time bent over holding my stomach in laughter. and the experiments were fun. especially when they went wrong.

5. performances. i love the practices, the adrenalin of going on stage, making fools of ourselves, choreography, the mad rush to finish everything for the big day.

5 people i want to do this:

1. michele
2. cam
3. michael
4. ally
5. you


Candidette said...

altered? altered? this is BASTARDISED! *hehehe i kid i kid.
you know...that "damn cun" thing...i thought you were missing the letter "t" at the end of "cun". I was like whoaaaa alysia had a gutter-mouth indeed! :oP
Then i realised it probably sounds more like "chun". which means...cool?

*i've exposed myself as a fraud chinese AGAIN!*

lisha said...

-_- what do you mean exposed? it's no secret so there's nothing to expose.

Candidette said...


touche my friend, touche!