Thursday, July 13, 2006

when do you take off the mask?

dark days indeed. ever feel like you managed to make one of the biggest mistakes which could easily have been prevented but didn't have the strength to stop it? yeah. it feels like that now.

and the consequences? everybody involved gets hurt. everybody.

and suddenly you're left standing on an island.

and lost.
no direction.
no guidance.
only you.
your conscience.

melodramatic, perhaps. nevertheless... this is how i feel. and no one can save me but myself. corny, perhaps. but true. noone can save you from yourself. it is the one thing you cannot run away from.

why am i broadcasting this instead of hiding behind a mask?

because i'm sick of it. is it a cry of help? maybe. feeling sorry for myself? certainly though i have no right to.

i'm homesick. and i haven't been homesick in years. but i'm homesick now. and i'm taking off the mask now.


commonjack said...

hey there ... wow - homesickness eh? i've never felt that before. so i can't pretend to offer you any words of wisdom. :)

just sending over a big huG. you'll be back soon. besides, you'd get sick of one place if you're there for too long ... right? right?

ok lah - i don't think i'm helping. call me lah if you want to feel like you're back here again. lol

take care...

The Nomadic Ink Slinger said...

Babe...if it helps, I'll learn to make pan mee for you? *huGz*

lisha said...

mike: let's go to williams for the cockroach infested experience. nothing like it. hehe.

boobies: i'll hold you to that!!!!! =)