Saturday, July 01, 2006

mission accomplished

one word to describe the crowd at Laundry during the germany vs argentina match.


it was sooooOOOOoooo packed! i swear half of PJ's population was at The Curve. of all nights to have a bachelor's night... pat chose yesterday to go to laundry. CHEEE SIN!! one thing was clear though - we were going to get him drunk NO MATTER WHAT. it seemed like an almost unachievable goal... but after:

1/2 bottle of wine
exxxxtra strong long island tea (basically tequila)
margharita (just to wash down his long island tea)
2 flaming sambucas

he prodded paul and said, "i think you better follow me to the toilet."

okay... so he wasn't stumbling and paralytic but... if you know patrick... you WOULDN'T want to have to carry him home.

meanwhile... reb was having HER hen's night. she was yelling for help on the phone after 7 shots.

"heeeelp!! they're making me drink! they're making me drink!! kaooo mennnggg aaaa!!"

-_- i dread ever having to go through that. especially being surrounded with alcoholic psychos. yes... you. you know i'm talking about you.

after patrick did his bout of projectiles in the toilet, paul had to take him to rescue reb and bring them home. so i went to look for mili-with-a-willy. bumped into so many old faces. it was really nice catching up with everyone. and it was scary finding out just how small the world (or KL) really is.

i have to admit... the match was pretty exciting. even i found it vaguely entertaining during the penalty shootout. especially when edmund bet all his facial hair - even the eyebrows - on argentina.. and lost.

after the match, we went to the carpark only to find that milly-with-a-willy's car wouldn't start. so we were stuck in the sweltering, stuffy heat for about an hour. i found it rather amusing... though the boys might not have shared the same sentiment seeing as the next match was starting soon. plus... boys sweat like pigs. we females GLOW.

by the time i got home, i was beyond exhausted having only had 4 hours sleep the night before.

i managed to abstain from alcohol all night!! come on... gimme a medal or something, geez.

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