Tuesday, August 15, 2006

eleven days...

that's how many days there are left til i touchdown in KL. back to tropical weather!! you just would not believe how much i am hating winter. honestly... C.A.N.N.O.T. wait til summer! another reason to look forward to going back to kl is...


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i've been pining for a new compact digi cam for aaaages. and i am going to get one. yaaayyyy. guess who's going to be a trigger happy bunny. =D it's retailing for about $475 after conversion... while over here they're selling it for $600+

i was tossing up between the idea of going on a beach holiday... because i really need some sun and a tan. but camera won over. plus... no one to go with. *sigh*

i sold my display shelf on ebay for a whopping $227.50... i bought it for $150. haha. i'm quite pleased with that... i just hope i don't get bad feedback for ikea's lack of workmanship. cheap bastards. the damn shelves are stuffed with pieces of folded cardboard inside. i kid you not. fucking cheap bastards. no wonder they're making so much bloody money.

so yessss..... looking forward to shopping for my ixus 800IS *beam*

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