Sunday, August 20, 2006

-_- happy birthday ally

just got back from blvd. and of course... serial blogger that i am, first thing i do after shower is drink miso soup and jump onto blogger. stop snickering.... stop it, i tell you.

wat a bloody messy night. apart from me... as usual... i don't think there was a single sober person. well done everybody. well done olivia tai lo for lasting through the entire night!! *clap clap* spanklily on the other hand... *shaking head* USELESSSSS!! hahahaha. once again i found myself being the pillar of support for a drunk skank. needless to say, ally was drunk. but that's normal.

my throat is so gone. it was already sore... and it's fucked now. too much shouting because drunk people can't hear you very well. on top of that, i'm a soft spoken person. damn tiring i tell you.

anyway... enough for now. good night.


spankylily said...

soft spoken person my ass..

serial commenter that i am, i wake up first thing to blogs ;p
anyway, my feet bled into my white heels.. my lips have a blood stain as well. wth did i do man? lol..

p/s: it's spankYlily ok? i know u wanna 'spank lily' but pls don't make it so darn obvious. shy man..

Torture a confession said...

bleaaaghhh...I feel like shit. Who is spanklily? what drama last night...oh and who's lips are bleeding? I know I was a little bit too aggressive last night..=)

bday girl said...

yes indeed u were... gentler a bit next time ok?!

lisha said...