Tuesday, August 01, 2006

home is where the heart lies

but where is home...? and where does my heart lie?

oh if only i knew... things would be so much simpler.

greg the bunny and i went around distributing the EFX magazine around chadstone, caulfield and springvale. springvale makes me feel like i'm in KL. actually... no. it's worse.

i learnt a new term today. cock blocked. i love it. it's hilarious. greg was explaining how he liked a chick. but her friend liked him. hence... the friend is cock blocking. HAHAHAHAHA. i just have images of the friend standing in front of greg saying... "you can't have this cock!! it's mine!!"

okay lisha... get out of the gutter....


commonjack said...

i'm going to write you a really loooong comment which could double up as a blog post on my own site should i decide that i'm too lazy to come up with something else to talk about on my site. :)

"Where is home?" and "Where does my heart lie?" so you ask ...

well ... i believe it was in Garden State - where it was said that, " ... Maybe that's what home is ... a bunch of people living in the same place trying to find the meaning of life ... trying to figure out what being in a family is ... just plain trying to figure out what home is ..."

not much help eh?

the way i figure it, home is wherever you feel like being most of the time.

but lets give 'home' a larger scope. who says a 'home' has to be a particular 'place' in particular? that's boring.

'home' could be a person. a 'thing'. heck, my favourite would be 'a state of mind'. that way, wherever you may be - you're 'home'.

sayings like, "Home is where the heart is" la ... or "Wherever I lay my hat ..." etc. it's all cock lah.

nevertheless, even if you haven't figured out where / what 'home' is ... don't stress. relax. "Don't Panic."

all that means is life will still be a lot more interesting for you.

people who have found 'home' early in life will feel stuck and yearn for what its like beyond 'home' from time to time.

the longer you take to find a 'home' - logically, i suppose the less of a chance you'll find yourself *yearning. that way you can really be sated and enjoy your 'home' when you find it.

ok lah. take care babes.

lisha said...

ermm... thanks babes. that didn't help... and hehe... you misinterpreted my vague post. =)