Wednesday, August 02, 2006

willpower = zero

i'm still in shock.

jet and i went for lunch at boba pearl. mmmmmmm mee pok. i got ambitious and ordered a large portion for the first time. after lunch, we went walking around the city hunting for a particular diesel watch he'd been eyeing online.

the diesel store didn't have it. so we decided to try myer. there it was sitting in the glass cabinet, calling out to jet. and there i was standing nonchalantly when i suddenly heard the salesgirl say... "there's 20% off all watches if you spend $150 or more"...

my itchy feet automatically started walking around to the D&G counter and i spotted the watch i've been eyeing for months.

"no. cannot. no shopping. you're broke," my conscience reminded.

"hey. isn't that the watch you wanted?" jet sidles up and asks. "how much is it?"
"hmm.. with 20% it'll be about $200 something... how much is yours?"
"about $230 after discount, i think... you should get a watch too. then i won't feel so bad."


i was sooo good. i wasn't going to go to country road to get my top. i wasn't going to get yet ANOTHER pair of bettinas. and i certainly did not need another watch.

but... there it was. screaming at me... "BUY ME!! I'M ON SALE!!"

uuurrrggghhhhh. time to ebay some stuff off.... haha.

this is what my bank account is suffering for.

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Candidette said...

xanga protected post means that you can select the people who read your posts. the only problem is, they need to be xanga users too.

*off to bacchus marsh for a day :o(