Monday, August 21, 2006

my little secrets

i was just chatting to my mum online...

did u tell me i was conceived while u were doing a headstand??
yes - why?
well... my friends and i were trying to figure out how that works -_-
lol - maybe it wasn't that trick.......but that was what i did........
your dad and i had been trying for a while.... and i heard of that trick..... so we did it.... but maybe it was just the right time.....
ah right
i still remember having my legs up in the air against the head of the bed!!!
hmmm let's not get too graphic ok
because i think i was leaving for a trip (work) and we realised that the date was THE date.......
oh well - you asked.....

kudos to mum and dad.

because i feel like it, i'm going to share some random things about my childhood with the whole wide world... all 40 of you who actually read this. what? you think you can stalk me and i can't stalk you back? hmmph.

1. as mentioned above, i was conceived while my mum was doing a headstand.

2. when i was 3, i had one of those red paddle cars. i was happily paddling around my grandmother's house when a metal bit that protruded from under the wheel found itself lodged into my thigh. i am told i just sat there without making a noise until my grandmother saw the blood pooling and freaked out. as you would. i wonder where that car was made. made in malaysia?

3. my cousins tell me i threw an angpow into the rubbish bin when i was young. must've been an early sign of my current spending habits.

4. i was fed prawn noodles when i was 3 months old because my mum ran out of milk. apparently i thought it tasted fantastic and wanted more. i've been eating spicy food ever since i started eating solid food. that explains a lot!! i'm addicted to chilli.

5. i lived with my grandparents throughout most of my childhood. my grandfather was a king in my eyes whenever he brought back durian. i would get him my special little plastic chair specially for him so he could carry out his duty of opening the durian properly.

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hmmm... okay. in this picture, i'm sitting on the plastic chair... oops.

okay... i'm too lazy to think anymore. besides, it's no fun if you know everything about me. what would we talk about then?


kyels said...


I think I should ask my Mom; how did she create me too!


lisha said...

oh... i didn't ask. the information was offered some time ago. whether i wanted to hear it or not. hahaha.