Saturday, August 12, 2006

uh.. yeah...

just got back from lavish. had a shower. drinking miso soup.

miso soup is great.

fucking tired. but need to make sure i'm beyond tired just in case the jager bombs are still in the sustem. though they shouldn't be since i threw up. i'm typing with my eyes closed coz otherwise there'll be too many typos.

skanks. all of them. greg the bunny kept biting me. bitch. everyone kept asking me if i knew him in case he was some unwanted random. how sweet. don't worry. i don't entertain randoms in clubs. i don't know what the hell i'm typing... 5.15am. should go to bed.

wait. must. finish. miso. soup. first.

i want teo chew porridge. and lo shu fun. and kam heong lala. dammit. and ipoh rd dim sum. but i only have instant miso soup. *sigh*

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