Wednesday, September 27, 2006

calling all graphic designers!!

anyone knows anyone who knows anyone needing some work? InternationalCompany in KL is looking for graphic designers for both temporary and permanent positions.

if you're interested, drop me an email along with ur resumes at


as for me, what they say about advertising is true. there is no life beyond the office. the first day ended at 11.30pm and last night was an early one at 9.30pm. let's see what today brings.

*prepares to jump off building*

it's for experience. it's for experience. it's for experience. *chant*


spankylily said...

hahahah poor girl :)

i miss u :(

lisha said...

quick come back for holidays!! i have no skanks here. =(

Candidette said...

*sigh* so I suppose you are staying there for good huh? BAH all under the table payments to make sure you stayed in Melb. didn't work. *siiiigggghhhh*