Sunday, September 24, 2006

this is the turning point

some of you may be wondering where the hell i've been...

well, i'm still in KL... and will continue to be for at least the next three months. because why? because....


it's a temporary thing... and if all goes well, i might be offered a permanent position in BigInternationalCompany.

it's all very sudden. one moment, everything's up in the air... i'm still undecided between countries. and the next, i'm offered a job and asked to start immediately. so all my shit's still in melbourne until i can get back to settle everything.

meanwhile, camilo - my high school friend from ki - has been staying with me in KL, warming up my couch. so it's been a whole week of showing him around and letting him experience the local culture of mamaks, food, drinking, food, mamaks, food food food and more food.

he's been backpacking all around thailand for the last month and a half. now he's continuing around malaysia, then around the rest of asia from cambodia to laos to china to taiwan and then around europe. damn him. damn damn damn. wat a life.

so yes... basically, that is what i've been up to. job hunting and tour guiding.

time to TRY and sleep early. i'm terribly anxious about tomorrow. i don't even have clothes here!! they're all in melbourne!!

more reason to shop... wheeeee. except that shopping here sux. *sigh*

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