Monday, September 11, 2006

no more beer

::edit:: pics are up on my multiply.

saturday night at oasis was like a samad reunion. literally.

justin was doomed from the start. there was no escape. you know you're screwed when you hire out a bar and expect it to be filled with your friends. it's a death sentence waiting to happen. it didn't help that he had already been wasted the night before.

judging by his expression, the first few whiskys didn't go down too well. but as the night wore on, alcohol kicked in... along with machoism.

"i'm still standing!! i'm still standing!!"

that is just plain asking for it.

the bottles of johnny black disappeared quickly... to be replaced with jim beam. the moment two bottles of jim beam appeared on the centre table, everyone vanished from sight. i even resorted to BEER. can you imagine? that's how bad i rate jim beam.

too many nights of excessive jim beam consumption in high school have put me off jim beam FOR LIFE.

i brought trouble upon myself while trying to get a snapshot of kok song skanking it up with joyce. the flash immediately brought joyce to me with a schooner of beer.

"i don't drink beer."
"i don't care!! drink half!"
"okay... okay!"

*guzzles down beer with surprising ease*

"i'm joyce, btw."

i swear. the only way i ever meet girls is through alcohol and skanking. with alcohol... comes the skanking. later on, hui san made me skull more beer before introducing herself. apparently, i only get to know their names AFTER being made to skull beer.

sometime around 4am, justin finally ran to the toilet for a good toilet hugging session. twice. and i've got the pics. *evil grin*


i was surprisingly still feeling relatively sober at the end of the night. considering my low alcohol tolerance. i paid for it on sunday though.

i had to brave family brunch with three hours sleep and alcohol still pumping in my system. NOT FUN. not fun at all. everything i ate came straight back out. i threw up three times and passed out in front of all my relatives. my uncle came up to me.

"yeh man la hai mm hai?"
"late night, wasn't it?"

-_- obviously la.

as miserable as i felt yesterday... i can only imagine the pain justin was going through. i texted him.

"haha. wat a great night. let me know when you're well enough to meet up."

he texted back.

"3 weeks time."



mooiness said...

Ah good times. :D

As for meeting girls while drunk, it doesn't happen quite as easily as it does for me as it does for you. ;)

lisha said...

hahaha perhaps you should try brushing up on skanking skills?