Tuesday, September 12, 2006

walking against the ticking of time

things i find sexy in (or on) a man:

- a mole on the neck
- smooth tanned skin
- toned arms
- the smell of fresh laundry
- tommy (i know it's super old school... but it works)
- a naked chick on a fully clothed man (think jolie and hawk in taking lives)
- the smell of sleep... i can't describe it
- deep husky voice
- the v shaped pelvic line... that is soooooo HOT
- intelligence, intellect and street wise sense (because i have none of that)

1 comment:

spankylily said...

i mole on the neck??? o_0

ooh the kind wer u have like.. the strand of hair sticking out of it? like the warts witches have? *claps hands in excitement*