Wednesday, September 06, 2006

today is the day

it's graduation day today.


i don't know why i'm dreading it so much. it's like i'm in denial that i've finally stepped over the border and i have really graduated.

i dread the thought of having to go up to collect that damned piece of paper we call a transcript in front of all those people. knowing me, i'll trip on my robe and fall flat on my face, bum up with my hand outstretched... reaching for that piece of paper.

ninety minute ceremony... the only entertainment i will have is listening out to funny names.

tap some bongggg...

tu na singh...

ham ka ling...

and then...

song chor koon...


song chor koon!!


song chor koon!!!!!

oh... shit. that's me.

i hardly ever respond to my chinese name because it's quite redundant. only my grandfather used it, and even then... he hardly ever called any of his grandkids by name. ironic, isn't it... alysia is the name i go by and respond to, yet, it is not in my birth certificate thanks to my indecisive mother.

i would get it changed... if everyone didn't keep telling me what a huge hassle it is. figures. trying to get ANYTHING done in malaysia is a huge hassle.


spankylily said...

omg.. sigh.. u just HAD to write about that..

i was so supposed to go to teh IC department or watchamacallit to get 'lily' in my IC since that's what everyone calls me anyway. never made it to the department at 730am.. cos i just KNEW that i'd prob be later than the other millions of ppl n tat i'd have to go line up again another day. wat a bloody hassle.

how? how? how?

Torture a confession said...

A big congrats to you...Hope u didnt fall over yesterday!!

lisha said...

lily: hmmm.... use ur skanking power and skanky ur way to the front la.

den: i somehow managed to make it across quite gracefully without flashing at the chancellor.... i think.