Monday, September 04, 2006

i am alive... and fat!

oh yea baybeh.

some of you may be wondering.... "so how're you enjoying kl so far?"

well... let's just say, i'm not sure if i'll be able to return to melbourne. because if i sat on the plane, it probably wouldn't be able to take off. that's how much i've been eating. this trip has been ALL ABOUT FOOD.

i was in penang for four days last week. i was so looking forward to getting a tan. i went there all yellow... and came back STILL yellow. it was cloudy most of the time... but it's ok. coz food made up for it all.

we went slightly overboard one night... we went to have supper. three of us - edmund, chucky and i. between us, we ordered SEVEN meals. for SUPPER okay. we had 2 serves of chicken rice, char kuey teow, won ton mee, pai kuat hor fun, chee cheong fun and satay.

pure insanity i tell you.

just a couple of nights ago... i had a huge craving for ramly burger. i also had a huge craving for pan mee. unable to decide which to have for supper at 1am, i thought to myself, "fuck it la. i'll have BOTH!"

and i did.

i think i scare some people with my eating sometimes. when i come back here, i feel like an incredible hawker monster.

i've got some videos to post up. will do that soon... if i can be fuct.


spankylily said...

wahahahah.. eat more. den come back and hit the gym wit me.. den it's beach time. woooooo~~!!

nenamoesha said...

my my woman... i'm not the pregnant one, you are!! =D

lisha said...

lily: gym? heeeell no!! i believe exercise is bad for you. hahahaha.

nenamoesha: hahaha shit maybe i better get checked up!! i'm certainly eating enough for two people.