Thursday, October 26, 2006

temping it out

do you ever sometimes feel like there are stages in your life that serve as pit stops?

these stages of your life allow you to stop for awhile... to service your thoughts and figure out what parts need to be fixed and replaced.

i'm there.

there are so many parts of my life that are in a mess right now. i need to do some spring cleaning and clear out the mess. it'll take some time.

1 comment:

commonjack said...

spring cleaning's good. don't get too stressed out doing though. cause then you'll end up messing up even more! :D

hope you're doing good. you're so close - yet so far... haha. my play's coming to an end soon. but then, i rest 2 days - then i start work for a 3 month contract ... practically as a 'kuli' ... oh well...gotta start somewhere.