Sunday, November 05, 2006

signs of true love

love. it's a strange thing. there is no real definition for the word. it is a term made up by humans to describe a chemical feeling between two people. how do you know if you really love a person?

when a guy stands outside in the rain for an hour waiting to present a bouquet of lilies to his woman? that's not love. that's him wanting to score points... or apologise. the bigger the bouquet, the bigger the mistake.

when a girl gives him a football jersey for his birthday because he's been eyeing it for months? that's not love... that's her wanting him to get her something she really wants for her birthday. or just wanting him to shut up about it.

when a man flies from one end of the world to the other for their anniversary? that's not love. that's him avoiding any possible fights and her reminding him for years how "you don't care! you choose your career over us! remember that anniversary we couldn't celebrate because you were in dubai on a business trip??"... or he's trying to show everyone how well off he is and why she should stick with him.

so how then, does one demonstrate their love?

you know he/she loves you when...

1. they give you the crispy skin off their fried chicken (even though it's their favourite part).
2. they let you have their marrow even though you've already had your share because they know how much you love that good shit (yes... the way to the heart is through the stomach).
3. they don't make lousy excuses, whine or make the do-i-haaave-to face when you ask them to meet your family/extended family - no matter how dysfunctional and deranged your family is
4. they make the effort to get along with your friends because they know how much it means to you.
5. after a long day at work, they ask you, "how was your day?" and mean it.
6. they listen to what you have to say and offer their moral support. "shiiit!! he MUST be in love. he's actually listening to what she's saying. REALLY listening!" - chris rock
7. they cook for you in the middle of night because you're hungry... or too drunk to do it

and i'm too lazy to think of anymore.... feel free to make your own contributions.

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