Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hurricane wednesday

what a day.

i was happily tinkering away, working on a folder that was due today when i suddenly get a whole pile of press ads dumped on my table... all needed to be changed and some that needed to be finished and sent out for FA today.

Uncle Low was trying to brief me through all the different sizes and different ads for different papers but it all went flying over and around my head. i couldn't focus. all i could think of was "fuck.fuck.fuck. how am i going to finish all this AND three jobs due today, tomorrow and friday?!?!?! PLUS all the Chinese New Year FAs that need to be finished by friday????"

while Uncle Low tried to drill the details into my head, all i could see were numbers blurring while my cheeks grew hot and tears started welling up.

"what the hell is wrong with me? i can't be crying... at work!! stop being such a crybaby and just focus. i must be PMS-ing."

well... i was right. i just got my period. figures.... no wonder i've been all moody and broody (i don't think that word exists but it does now!!)


still stuck at the office... i'm stranded here. i could take a cab home... but there's no dinner at home. i can't go back to viki's place because they're not in, and alvin's also stuck at his office. so... here i am.

if only public transport here was better. if only it were safer. if only i didn't have to worry about being mugged, kidnapped, raped or stabbed. if only this country was a better place.

SHIT. i need to stop whining.

damn. mac's don't support blogger's text editor. oh well. i'm done complaining for the day.... toodles!!

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