Friday, December 22, 2006

all i want for christmas is conjunctivitis

i'm really really really annoyed. today is the day of the office christmas party at modesto's where we're supposed to dress up according to our assigned categories:

surfer dudes

yesterday, the christmas committee gave us a sneak preview of what we could expect at the party.

alcohol. alcohol. alcohol.

lamb. roast beef. turkey. curry. etc etc.

group performances as well as performances organised by the committee.

but the BEST part of it all.... was the lucky draw. EVERYBODY gets to draw a prize. EVERYBODY. the six grand prizes this yr includes two LCD TVs, two HD TVs and two portable dvd players with the works.

rumour has it that the smaller prizes include swatch watches, ipod shuffle/nanos, etc.

and i miss out on it all.


because i have conjunctivitis. bloody conjunctivitis. my eye is all red, watery, swollen and itching like a bitch. it's stunning, i tell you. absolutely stunning.

*sings christmas carol*

on the first day of christmas, santa gave to meeee.... conjunctivitis.... and it's all red and bloody itchyyyyy

i had my entire nerd outfit all figured out - knee-length pleated black skirt, my sister's white school shirt, pigtails, school mistress black shoes, white socks and black cardboard glasses. but i guess it's just not meant to be.

i think it's a sign from up above telling me i'm just not cut out to be a nerd. i don't have the brains.

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