Friday, December 22, 2006

in a bubble

alvin's put me under quarantine at home in order to prevent me spreading the pink eye to everyone else... especially him.

i don't really blame him. i wouldn't wanna look like i do.

being stuck at home all day does not agree with me. especially when there's only DIAL-UP internet!! *jumps off roof while waiting for page to load*

i've eaten three packets of nasi lemak today. yeah. i really do like the stuff. it's my new obsession. pan mee was, like, soooooooo last season, darlin.

most of the day has been spent switching between pottering about with illustrator and getting my pulse racing with Need for Speed. as you can tell, i'm bored out of my mind.

earlier this afternoon, i decided to msg ewan.

"yo. wanna have dinner tonight?"

i received no reply so i figured he was being sombong with me. fine. then he calls at 7.30pm.

"oi, aunty!! why never reply my msg?"
"wat msg?! i didn't get any msg from you."
"got laaaa. i replied and said "sounds like a plan." see la. i thought since we're not in melbourne anymore, you won't ffk me so takde hal la. but end up you ffk me anyway."
"i didn't get anything from you, i swear."
"well now i have to go and cancel my dinner plans. i thought u ffk me so i made back up dinner plans. call you back."

i went back to need for speed while waiting for the verdict.

he called back.

"i couldn't get out of dinner la. my friend assumed that dinner was on, so he told his parents to go ahead. now he has no dinner. i asked him why he went and did that. he was just my back up plan!"

now i'm stuck with no dinner. alvin's going to risk bringing food over but i can't quite decide what to eat.

no more nasi lemak. NO MORE.

but i could sooo eat some more!! -_-

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