Saturday, December 30, 2006

drama mama

nothing like a drama to end the year with.

tuesday night ended with a bunch of us sitting outside the brickfields police station. you cannot imagine the amount of drama that could possibly boil over papadams.

moral of the story - don't ever eat at spicy kitchen in hartamas. not only are they fucking rude and sarcastic, they also cheat your money off you.

by the end of the night, i was tired and extremely pissed off at alvin for being ghetto macho.


i just confirmed my flight back to melbourne in less than two weeks - 9th january. melbourne, here i come!! i'm praying for hot weather so i can get a tan!!

imagine that. i live in a tropical country, yet i am going overseas to get a tan. that's just wrong.

i'm not looking forward to all the packing i need to do though!! -_- that's going to be a real nightmare.

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