Monday, January 01, 2007

ushering in the new year

i'm sure a large amount of the world population is currently recovering from the aftermath of new year's eve.

i'm not part of that population.

my new year's eve was fairly uneventful. i try my best to avoid crowds of sweaty, drunk idiots. i tagged along with chucky to his friend's place for a pool party. well, at least this year, i didn't miss the transition into the new year... unlike last year.

last year, a bunch of us were too busy gambling and completely missed the countdown. oops.

last night ended with girish sprawled on the toilet floor... his face dangling over the squat toilet. i felt sorry for his tsubi jeans. it took the guys about an hour to finally drag and carry him out of the toilet.

moral of the story - don't act like a hero and force others to drink when you can't handle it yourself. self-inflicted misery brings no sympathy.

i'm not exactly enthusiastic about a whole new year like i usually am. i guess i don't feel i have anything to look forward to this time. it'll be one job or another. the same old me. the same old things.

pessimistic? that's my middle name.

happy new year everybody!!

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