Sunday, December 17, 2006


oh, what a day!

i went over to cam and donkey's place to help them prepare for their housewarming pool party. standard menu - fried mee hoon, curry, salad, tuna sandwiches, bbqed gourmet sausages and fantastic steak... oh, and alcohol, of course. that's just a given.

tuna sandwiches are a pain to make. we had toasted ones. we had spicy ones. and we had non-spicy ones for the pussy-weak peeps.

then we had a little hiccup with the salad dressing. we told donkey to get balsamic vinegar for the salad dressing. but noooo, he thought he'd be smart and go one step further so he bought balsamic dressing instead.

MEN. *roll eyes*

fine. so i thought, screw it. it saves me from having to make salad dressing. but as we were packing all the food to be brought down to the pool, my aunt accidentally spilled 3/4 of the salad dressing.

so that was abit shit coz we didn't have enough salad dressing. and we couldn't make more because a certain someone*cough * DONKEY *cough* decided not to get balsamic vinegar. i decided to just make a salad dressing base and add the balsamic dressing in instead.

the boys had abit of trouble getting the bbq fire started. how many dicks does it take to start a fire? apparently, five.

the weather was fantastic. warm and balmy with a slight breeze. the pool area was all lit up and the frangipani trees silhoutted against the sky. the only thing that spoilt the night was the fact that i couldn't have a swim.

bloody periods. literally.

just as i decided to say goodbye, donkey and phil decided it would be a good idea to chuck me into the pool despite my protests of me contaminating it with my blood.

well... at least i got a quick dip in the pool. it felt great!

i made the most bizarre comment today. i tried pepsi gold for the first time and alvin asked me what it was like.

"what's it taste like?"
"like mahjong," i blurted.

the moment it came out of my mouth, i realised how weird i sounded.

"wat the hell does mahjong taste like??"
"i don't know. it tastes like the smell of mahjong."

don't ask me to explain it. i can't. it doesn't even make sense to me.

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