Sunday, December 17, 2006

treasure hunting

this coming friday is the office christmas party. it's themed "back to school". unfortunately i left my tarty tartan skirt back in melbourne. i've been assigned to the group of NERDS. but i will be a tarty nerd, if there ever was such thing.

oh wait. skanky bambi is the PERFECT example of a skanky nerd. hee hee.

so, naturally, i decided to head to sungei wang to try my luck. i ventured into the world of ah lians alone while alvin went to work. i forced myself to go into THE most ah lian shops possible in hopes of finding a little schoolgirl outfit. it was a nightmare, i tell you.

but amongst the pile of rubbish you expect to get from sungei wang, i managed to find a few treasure troves. i have to say, the shopping there is improving slightly. i found the perfect pinafores for the theme party, but of course, they didn't have my size.


so i got sidetracked and bought a pair of shoes, a convertible dress/top, a belt and a necklace. none of them have anything to do with the theme.

anyone got a schoolgirl skirt i can borrow?

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