Wednesday, January 31, 2007

angry sex

apparently it's amazing. i won't say who told me that. but apparently it's amazing. and i believe it.

imagine a torrent of anger, a whirlwind of emotions - rage, hurt, pain, betrayal, love, resentment - all whipped up together. and then lust comes in. and while you're screaming at him about how much of a miserable piece of shit he is, he grabs you and shoves you against the wall.

and... you can imagine the rest.

that WOULD be abit of fun, i reckon. alas, it is something i will probably never experience in my menial life because i lack the passion and emotion that complements that sort of situation.

i don't rage. i don't yell. i don't scream. i just seethe. silently. if i had angry sex, it'd be silent angry sex. it'd be like having sex in a graveyard. weird.

1 comment:

Candidette said...

sex in a graveyard?
You first. Then you tell me if you get a feeling that something(s) is following you.