Friday, February 02, 2007

to the land of evil!!

that would be genting. evil evil evil. i don't like casinos. they emanate a vibe of evil, greed and excess wealth. don't get me wrong. i like gambling. i love gambling. but only for fun. and i prefer just gambling amongst friends for a bit of friendly fun. i don't gamble for extra income. that's just plain stupid.

and as if to emphasise my point on how evil genting is, alvin and i kena con by their website whilst booking accommodation. long story short, instead of staying at a nice hotel for a cheap price, we end up staying at a crap hotel at a higher price. fugg. in a matter of minutes, the room rates changed and availability dwindled to nothing!! bleh.

oh well. still. it'll be nice to get away from kl even for just a little while. even if it's just genting. even if i've already been away from kl for 3 weeks. heh.

no casino though. no no no. evil evil evil.

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Candidette said...

aye aye to the evil empire that is casinos.n