Monday, January 08, 2007

dum di dum di doo

i am procrastinating. my room is in a mess. and the thought of packing just makes me wince. even though i'm planning on bringing an empty suitcase.

but organising my room and trying to minimise the amount of stuff i'm going to take... is not a five minute job.

there was a big hoo ha this morning because my cheque hadn't cleared yet so i called the bank to find out why. apparently the name on the cheque was spelt wrongly. and it wasn't just missing one letter.

instead of song chor koon, they wrote song kor choon. which is really. quite. a. big. difference.

and i failed to notice it!! i even looked at it! and so did alvin, yet, neither of us noticed it. i was probably just busy looking at the amount.

dumbass. well, i learnt my lesson. i panicked because that was my trip funding!! i rushed to the bank to collect my rejected cheque on the way to lunch with my godmother and asked my boss to reissue me another one today.

but that would still mean i wouldn't get cash in time. i went to the office after lunch to pick up my cheque and pass him the rejected one. thank god my boss was one step ahead of me and passed me my whole salary in cash instead. *phew*

i won't have to eat bread and drink water in melbourne after all. hehe. well.. i might still have to since after conversion, it doesn't amount to much. -_-

okay, okay. enough procrastination. gotta start packing!!

i'm looking forward to seeing my lovelies in melbourne. and my beloved cousin whom i trust has mastered the recipe for mee pok by now. *hint hint*

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