Wednesday, January 10, 2007

summer : day one

i love love love summer. there is something about it that just never fails to put a smile on my face. i just want to twirl and dance under the beaming sun, and get a tan doing it.

i forgot what it's like to be able to walk all over the place without having to worry about rapists/robbers/wolf cries and get around without a car. it makes me want to ditch kl and come back. unfortunately, i'm too WL4 for that.

and the shopping!! god i miss the shopping. i had to try soooo hard to avert my eyes from all the shops. i automatically walked into stores without realising and pulled myself out with all the willpower i could muster. it was hard. it's like putting a pack of cocaine on the table in front of a crackwhore.

ally accompanied me for wonderful lasagne at pellegrini's. after stuffing ourselves, we hunted around for our outfits for saturday night - ally's hen's night themed THE ROARING 20s.

after that, i made my way to the apartment to have a look at the upcoming headache i'll have to face - packing.


walking around melbourne brings back many memories - good and bad - along with a whole bunch of mixed emotions that bubble up to the surface after four months of repression.

oh well. guess that's why i bailed.


it's freaking hot. i need to hit the beach at least once in this trip.

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