Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i hear summer calling...

by this time, one week from now, my feet shall find familiar steps back in melbourne.

i've already thought of a few things i want to pig out on when i get back:

- durian gelati
- boba pearl mee pok
- good sushi
- sliced rare beef pho noodles
- pork bulgogi
- churros
- red meat, red meat, red meat
- good pastas

funny... a majority of the food listed are asian. just goes to show how innundated melbourne is with asians. we're like pests that infiltrate through every part of the world. wherever you go, we're there too!!

i've never spent summer in melbourne. now that i've left, i may have the chance to. what irony.


Candidette said...

*i* would like to take the opportunity to tell you that i am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU ON THE EATING!

*wooo hooo*


lisha said...

there's no one else i could count on for that... hahaha

we're going to be whales by the time ally's wedding comes around!!