Friday, June 29, 2007


i was utterly, totally, completely awed. it really blew my mind. i have not been so wowed by a movie since V for Vendetta. partly because i wasn't really expecting much. i don't remember much of the cartoons except optimus prime and the decepticons - thanks to jin min.

it was just soooo... sooooo.... soooooooooooo COOOOOL!! right after the movie, i turned to alvin.

"i want to watch it again!"
"no. really. i want to watch it again in the cinema!"
"oh. ok. we'll watch it again."

this is coming from the girl who sang the transformers song really loudly, and rather shamelessly, in the office one day not so long ago.

"TRANSFORMERS!! Robots in the skkkkiiieeeesssss!!"

my colleague looked at me in disdain and snapped at me.

"it's not robots in the skies!! it's robots in disguise!" he rolled his eyes with the most offended expression plastered on his face.

"oh. hee hee. TRANSFORMERS!! More than meets the eeeeyyyyeeee!! TRANSFORMERS!! Robots in the ski... Robots in DISGUIIIISSSEEEE!!"

my boss just laughed at me.

i can't wait to watch it again!! *bouncing in chair*

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