Monday, July 02, 2007

i love reminding myself

how i'm extremely lacking in the moolah department of my life. so i browse through sites and resort to window shopping, fantasising about decorating my future house.

with pretty little things like....

Chandeliers Plexy Baroque

Profile Mirror with Colour-Changing Inks

Undergrowth Bone China Urban Gnome

and then of course i wander off in my thoughts and start thinking about other things like...

feather earrings by Alex Monroe

*sigh* but alas... in the end, i can afford none of these. time to get out on the streets and sell my lady joiner self.

i lady joiner. you waaant? i gib you special price. for you i gib cheap cheap. wat hotel name? wat hotel name?!


a||y said...

you buy me paad thai, sailor boy? :P

lisha said...


you are such a nut when you're drunk.