Thursday, July 19, 2007

killing three days in one

finished work at 8.30am this morning. it's amazing how many mental phases u can go through in 23 hours of work.

9am: i'm not an early riser. early mornings are the bane of my existence. sleepiness clings on to me like a leech and refuses to let go.

12pm: the stomach senses lunchtime approaching and starts to rumble in anticipation. i'm wide awake now. it's glutton time!

2pm: post-lunch trauma. sleepiness holds me with a tight grip and threatens to put me in a coma.

5pm: just a couple of packaging mock-ups to do and i'm done for the day. early day, perhaps?

6.30pm: boss tells me servicing needs my help with a booklet. fuck. so much for leaving early.

7pm: briefing time. they only want to change the layout for half the bloody booklet. angry bangry. i've still got to figure out one more packaging keyline and do the mock-up. it's going to be a late one. the grumpy bum appears.

8pm: i manage to con my boss into doing the keyline for me while J and i work on the booklet. perhaps we might be able to leave by midnight.

10:30pm: J and i are still on our first page. frustration and impatience reigns in our cubicle. who the fuck puts every single sentence into a separate text box? it's a design of complete mess! copy-paste-align. copy-paste-align. copy-paste-align.

11:30pm: finally. ONE page done. five more to go. oh boy. so much for leaving at midnight. we trudge on, resigned to many more hours at the office.

1am: hyper bunnies. we are on the brink of tiredness, bordering into the realm of delirium.

3am: sleepy. it's way past bedtime and we're still on our 3rd page. curse the messy art director.

5am: getting closer! three zombies ploughing through the morning.

7am: DONE!! and i still have my other mock-up to finish off. the sun is peeking through the clouds in the horizon and i am fully awake now. i feel like i could continue the day like i had slept through the night. but that's just me being delusional.

8:30am: exhausted and happy. i've got the day off. i bid the office adieu and ride off into the sunrise with my knight in shining red. that would be alvin picking me up in my car. -_-

and there you have it. still want to work in advertising?

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