Friday, July 20, 2007

u scratch mine, i'll scratch yours

after waking up at 3.30pm yesterday from a restless sleep dreaming about aligning text for booklets, i smsed alvin.

"baby. come home."

i was expecting a loving sms back. instead i got this.

"i have bad news. very bad news."

oh shit, it's my car, isn't it? i thought.

"your car got scratched. i'm sorry."
"how bad is it?"
"come down and have a look. i'm downstairs."

while changing out of my pyjamas i was preparing myself for the worst. fortunately, i was way too tired from my 24 hr work stint to react dramatically. so i calmly walked down looking rather disheveled. alvin stood outside looking really pissed off.

luckily the scratch turned out to be a superficial scratch at the right corner of my bumper. i probably wouldn't even have noticed it for a couple of weeks.

"wat happened?"
"some fucker must've scratched it. it was already scratched when i went to collect the car from the parking lot. i screwed the parking guy up."

nyeh. karma dictates what goes around comes around. you scratch mine? someone else scratches yours, bitch.

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