Tuesday, July 10, 2007


clothes. bags. shoes. the three things women will never have enough of.

one of the biggest mysteries of women - how can one have a whole roomful of clothes and still complain about not having anything to wear? there is no real answer. it just happens.

okay... i'm lying. there are answers, but women generally don't like mulling over them because it gives them an excuse to do MORE shopping!

i had to throw away half my clothes and shoes away during my move from melbourne to KL. instead of feeling heartbroken, i felt relief. relief that i had given away all the clothes i would probably never wear again which were taking up way too much space. relief that i now had space for more NEW clothes and shoes!

such is the mentality of shallow, matetrialistic, bimbotic females such as i.

i have been on a mission to find a pair of flat shoes. i have been looking for MONTHS. seriously. and when i finally find a pair, naturally, my size is sold out.

i swear the shoe fairy is holding a grudge against me. being the sad, desperate person that i am, i had to resort to eye candy instead.

marc by marc jacobs bow flats

marc by marc jacobs peep toes

Pedro Garcia

Carmen Ho

Jill Stuart

Juicy Couture

Loeffler Randall

Carmen Ho


the hunt continues...

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