Friday, July 06, 2007

snap snap

it's july already. we are now more than halfway through the year. can you believe that?

where have the last 6 months gone? i have been planning to get some studio shots done with a photographer since january. but bad timing (and financial planning) has not allowed for a shoot. it's july now and i'm still planning to do that damn shoot.

since the middle of last year, i have been meaning to send in some photos to talent agencies in hopes of getting the chance to make extra moolah. you know, just in case they need a talent who:

- looks thai
- can pass off as a lady joiner
- is chinese but looks like she has abit of an identity crisis
- can switch between a manglish accent and an american-australian-malaysian-super-cialat mixed accent
- a hairy chinese girl
- can do a pretty good tangkachi accent

pretty good chances of me getting jobs, huh.

yeah. well... i can only try.

have finally managed to set an estimated date with jacky (cam's wedding photographer) in mid august for an outdoor shoot. should be fun and quite possibly, terribly embarassing.

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