Wednesday, August 29, 2007

nineteen fifty seven

yes yes. the third instalment of the bangkok trip is coming.

it's been a super crazy week with non-stop jobs at work. i can't bloody wait til friday!! not because i'm really that patriotic (sadly) but simply because i'm tired and i want a proper weekend!

merdeka. i remember when i would get excited about merdeka. my grandparents would take me to merdeka square to join the masses and watch the fireworks, performances and be part of the parade. my grandfather would carry me around on his shoulders, so i could always see what was going on, even if he got tired.

i have a wave of nostalgia washing over me now as i recall those days. when my mum had left the country and my dad couldn't afford to take care of me. my grandparents were my guardians. my protectors. my surrogate parents.

and so, this merdeka, i will celebrate. not the country's independence, but my grandmother's birthday. and commemorate my grandfather who passed away three years ago.

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