Saturday, August 25, 2007

the hens played in bangkok PART TWO

day 2
we spent the day doing a little shopping, searching for something cam could dress up in for her hen's night. and since shopping is SUCH a stressful and tiring affair, we hopped on the train to a spa called urban retreat. two thumbs up! nice spa, great service and still cheap. we liked it so much we decided to go back again on our third day for a foot and thai massage.

that night, cam took ally and i out for dinner at zanotti. it is fucking excellent. thinking about it makes my mouth water every time. if you're going to bangkok, you have to try zanotti. i ate like a pig. okay... i always eat like a pig. but i only eat like a pig if i really like the food.

baked mussels


i had pork loins with blue cheese sauce

we may look demure but we eat like cows. or at least, i do.

ally found a place for us to go and have a little fun with salsa lessons. we got in a cab and got completely lost. after about half an hour of trying to speak thaiglish, we finally managed to find the place.

when we got to the entrance, there was a sign posted on the window that utterly perplexed us. it said:


the three of us looked at each other in confusion.

"err... this IS the right place, isn't it?"
"yea! this is it. i don't understand!"
"how strange. a dancing club that doesn't allow dancing."

the guy inside must have noticed us standing outside looking a bit lost so he opened the door.

"umm. we heard you have salsa lessons here."
"ah yes. but tonight, no dancing."

"huh? what do you mean?"
"tonight we have no dancing."

we eventually realised he meant the dance classes had been cancelled for that night. -_-

with that plan chucked out the window, ally suggested we go to Vertigo bar at banyan tree instead.

ally and i posing with the lights of bangkok

my incestuous other half - cam

all pretty in shades of pink


it's been a really long, tiring week for me. late nights, early mornings. and i'm told it will be this busy until next year. eek.

well... looks like i have two, possibly three trips to look forward to. YAY!!

angkor wat, krabi-phuket and one to be confirmed when my mum comes down to KL.

*crossing fingers*

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