Tuesday, August 07, 2007


my boss made me cry today.

he didn't fire me. he didn't yell at me. he didn't throw my work out the window. no. he traumatised me.

i was sitting on the window ledge by cinatan's desk chatting away with jen and cinatan when sabine casually comments, "there's a cockroach in the pot plant."

we all looked into the pot plant but saw nothing. i started to get abit edgy and eyed the plant warily. my boss, KK, strolls in and lies down on the window ledge feeling restless as usual. he starts playing with the pot plant.

"don't do that! there's a cockroach in there!" i yelled.
"oh really?" kk proceeds to tilt the pot plant and starts to flick pebbles out of the pot with a plastic rod.
"K! if that cockroach comes here, i'm going to scream!"
"oh look! the cockroach!" he quickly flicks it at my face.

i screamed.

and i broke into nervous laughter and started tearing at the same time. he didn't flick the cockroach at me but a pebble.

"oh shit. i'm sorry!"

i was half sobbing from the trauma and half-laughing because i knew how stupid i looked. tears were streaming down my face and i couldn't breathe.

"eh... is she crying or laughing? eh, you ok a? is she laughing or is she crying?"

it's not the first time i've screamed in the office. i'm somewhat famous for it now.

i'm the girl who screams.

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