Thursday, August 09, 2007

awaken the morning grouch

why bother asking someone if everything is alright when you'd rather not talk about it? you ask me what's the problem. i tell you. all you do is keep quiet and i wonder if you're even thinking about what i've said. or do your thoughts simply wander off into the mundane so you can avoid the issue?

even worse. sometimes you just shrug it off and make a joke out of it, hoping it will divert my thoughts so we won't have to face the issue. how mature.

as long as YOU are happy, everything is fine. that's selfish love. you love, to be loved back. you love, to feel good. you love, temporarily. sometimes i think, it's better to have no love than selfish love.

prove me wrong.

1 comment:

nenamoesha said...

u 1 sad sad lady joiner. miss u woman! :D