Saturday, September 01, 2007

the hens played in bangkok PART THREE

finally. the last instalment of bangkok.

the hen and buck all dressed up

dinner at cabbages & condoms: meng, edmund, mei ling, cam, dave, jarrod and me

a novelty restaurant built for a cause - to spread the awareness of AIDS and safe sex. the entire place is decked out with sculptures made out of condoms. you won't see this many condoms in one place bar a condom factory. big ones. small ones. yellow ones. red ones. ribbed ones. smelly ones.

donny, gene, phil, bryan & ally

three horny devils

being surrounded by condoms makes a happy bride

all dolled up and ready to hit the scene in RCA!!

angels in disguise... *cough* at slims

ally giving cam some horn action

cam the angel and ally the horny devil

we met this italian australian guy... and they told him i was single!! idiots.

this is what happens when men try to chat up a bunch of girls and they're all married except one.

"hi, ladies. would you like to join our table?"
"oh no, it's okay. she's getting married and we're celebrating her hen's night!"
"oh, awesome. how about you?"
"i'm married too."

all eyes turn to the only one left and the two married women point at her.

"but she's single!!"
"err... ahh... umm... i have a boyfriend," she protests lamely but somehow it doesn't have the same effect as "i'm married", and the vultures descend.

the farang who taughts us to say kinky things in french and swear in italian

obviously he thought he was some kind of hero. rambo, perhaps?

hope everyone had a good merdeka!


* Dream Weaver * said...

Is that an Eeyore I see your friend Cam carrying?? *I is LOVE Eeyore*

lisha said...

hahaha yes it is. dave's nickname is donkey, so we got her to carry eeyore around.

อดสวักา said...

white people are pigs. Sucks that these pigs are in thailand trying to get thai women. Im thai, living in the US and white people(a lot) are pigs here in the US. To thai girls, if you're going to find a farang husband, i hope you find a good one, and please dont rush the relationship. A lot of white men like to put up a facade,(a false personality)and then show you the real them later on. Please dont hate me for saying all this. Im a thai who loves all thai people, and i dont want any thai to get fooled or hurt. :)